Neo Anime Oasis:01 Tickets:
Only 3 Day Tickets Available - Sold Out
Tickets Sold for Neo Anime Oasis:01 are Non-refundable
Adults (Ages 13-54): $60
Youth (Ages 7-12: $30
Ages 0-6, 55+: Free (Request at convention registration table. Not subject to attendance limits)

Exchange Ticket Information:

Exchanged tickets from Anime Oasis JUN!! and Anime Oasis Revive are valid for use at Neo Anime Oasis:01 (for 3 day admission)

How to use exchange tickets:
All Anime Oasis JUN!! tickets for which refunds were not requested were exchanged to Anime Oasis Revive tickets.
Anime Oasis Revive Tickets were sent to the original email used for purchasing the original tickets.
Bring your Anime Oasis Revive Ticket to the registration desk (either a hard copy or as an image on your phone) and you will be granted entry to Neo Anime Oasis:01

As a bonus for holding your Anime Oasis JUN!! or Anime Oasis Revive ticket(s), each attendee with exchange tickets will be given the following bonuses:
Souvenir Anime Oasis JUN!! and Anime Oasis Revive badges (for collection purposes).
AND a Neo Anime Oasis:01 T-Shirt.

Exchange Tickets CAN ONLY be used for Neo Anime Oasis:01!! They will not be valid for future events.
Refund requests are currently being accepted. If you cannot attend NAO:01, please request a refund.

Lifetime Ticket Info:

Anime Oasis Lifetime Tickets are Valid for Neo Anime Oasis conventions.
Lifetime Tickets are only valid for original owner and cannot be transfered.
(This information is provided for existing Anime Oasis Lifetime Members. Lifetime tickets are legacy and will never be available for sale or awards in any other manner again.)