Red Zone Fandom Photography

Tim & Kim Boothby believe in supporting the fan community through photography. They find it rewarding to help people showcase their creativity and believe that showing people that there is a strong fan community in Idaho will encourage more to join in the fun. They are founding members of Red Zone Fandom (including Red Zone Fan Photography) and the Fantasy Artists, Role-Players & Writers Guild. Through the Red Zone and Guild they support the fans of Anime, Cosplay, Fantasy, Furs, Gamers, Sci-Fi, Steampunk among a wide span of fan genres. They work to publicize and feature content and activities local to the great state of Idaho, where Fandom needs more voices. The Red Zone operates photo rooms at many local conventions, taking digital photographs at no charge and make them available to the models online. Yes, you read that correctly, no charge to the fans. Those that desire, may buy a 4x6" print of any of their pictures for $1 each for those that want a keepsake. Located in Room 214