Policies are subject to change

By being a registered attendee of Neo Anime Oasis, you agree to uphold all rules set down by Neo Anime Oasis and comply with any Neo Anime Oasis Staff Member in accordance with these guidelines. Neo Anime Oasis Staff holds the right to revoke an attendee’s badge at any time for any violation of Neo Anime Oasis Policy, Local or State Law with or without refund. All attendees are considered to be attending Neo Anime Oasis at their own risk and agree to such as a condition of attendance.

A. Neo Anime Oasis’s 3 Strikes Policy

Neo Anime Oasis Attendees are expected to be held under a strict code of compliance in regards to its rules and services, for this reason all Neo Anime Oasis Attendees in violation of Neo Anime Oasis’s Rules will be subject to Neo Anime Oasis’s 3 Strikes Policy, as stated below:

1st or 2nd Violation: Attendee in violation of rules is given a warning and informed of policies he/she is in violation of. 3rd Violation: Attendee in violation of rules will have their badge revoked for the remainder of the convention. Very serious offenses may see attendee’s badge permanently revoked and the attendee disallowed from future Neo Anime Oasis events.

As part of the 3 Strikes Policy, attendees who violate a rule in a very mild fashion may not be given a warning initially, and simply informed of the rules being violated. This may include violating a rule unknowingly or inadvertently, however this will take place on a By-case basis and final decisions lie with the Neo Anime Oasis Security Staff. To contrast, very serious offenses may skip the 1st and 2nd Warnings and move immediately to an Attendees removal from the convention. However, all rules should be considered equally significant and will generally follow the 3 Strikes Policy.

B. Harassment and Assault

Neo Anime Oasis holds a Zero Tolerance policy in regards to any form of harassment or assault of other attendees.

Harassment includes, but is not limited to:
Unwanted physical contact
Unwanted verbal abuse
Verbal threats
Use of laser pointers and/or other devices to cause distruption or annoyance.

If any attendee continues to do anything in regards to the items listed above after being asked to stop, their actions may constitute harassment, and an Neo Anime Oasis Staff Member should be notified immediately.

Assault is defined by the United States under common law as:
“The apparent, present ability to carry out an unlawful attempt to commit a violent injury upon another.”

Any act of violence or attempt to commit an act of violence against another is strictly prohibited by Idaho State Law. Any violators of this shall be referred to local law enforcement immediately and likely have their badge revoked. If any attendee witnesses any form of assault on convention grounds they should contact Neo Anime Oasis Staff immediately.

C. Badges

Badges must be worn at all times in the convention area, if you are not wearing a badge, you will be asked to leave the convention area immediately or purchase a badge. Lost badges cannot be replaced. Do not lose your badge. badges will be required to view Main Events and to gain access to many other areas of the convention, so keep your badge with you at all times.

Badges need to be worn at all times. Staff Members have been prompted to inquire about anyone who does not appear to have a badge.

D. Costumes/dress code

Although costuming is celebrated and promoted by Neo Anime Oasis, Neo Anime Oasis is a family-friendly convention and Neo Anime Oasis Staff reserves the right to deem an attendee’s wear unacceptable and ask the wearer to make necessary modifications to comply with Neo Anime Oasis rules..
Indecent exposure is classified as anything less than the wear of a non-thong swimsuit, although midriff is acceptable, please take tact when choosing costumes to wear in the convention area. Certain exceptions during events such as Neo Anime Oasis’s Unrestricted Cosplay may apply, but for regular convention wear this policy will be enforced. As well, any illicit clothing including but not limited to sexual attire, ahegao, or paraphernalia may be constituted as a violation of the convention dress code. Failure to comply with Neo Anime Oasis’s dress code may result in a warning.

E. Sleeping In Convention Areas

Do not sleep in convention areas at any time, anyone caught doing so may be subject to a warning. The Slumber Party is not designed for sleeping.

F. Animals

Per the Grove Hotel/CenturyLinkArena/Boise Centre policy, only ADA working animals will be allowed in convention spaces, any other animals will not be allowed in convention areas.

G. Flyers/Signage

Flyers and/or Signage may not be posted in the hotel by attendees.
Please refrain from wearing or displaying signs which offer goods or services in convention spaces, any signs containing inappropriate material may be removed by an Neo Anime Oasis Staff Member, and the offender may receive a warning. All signage worn on any person is subject to approval.


Certain events such as 18+ events will require attendees to show some form of authenticated ID such as a state appointed drivers license or passport. When attending these events, remember to have an ID ready or you will not be allowed in, no exceptions will be permitted.

I. Weapons

No attendee will be allowed to carry any functioning projectile weapon on the hotel property, regardless of any weapons permits the person may possess. Any member of the convention found in possession of any such weapon will be removed immediately and have their badge revoked. Any attendee found illegally in possession of a functioning projectile weapon will be turned over to the proper authorities.

All other weapons or anything that may be constituted as a weapon including costume props must be peacebonded immediately when brought into the convention space. Peacebonding will take place next to the registration table during specified hours, and you can contact Neo Anime Oasis Security to have your weapon peace bonded at other times. Any weapons or props not peacebonded may result in the owner receiving a warning.

All Airsoft weapons must be disabled before being brought onto convention grounds (Meaning that they are incapable of fire). This may be done in a multitude of ways including removal of parts, permanetly sealing the barrel, etc. but if an airsoft weapon is still functional then it will not be allowed on convention grounds.

All live-steel weapons are not allowed in the convention area. No weapons or props of any kind should be brandished or swung at another individual in the convention area, this includes pointing prop guns at people in convention spaces. Posing for photographs is a notable situation in which this may be allowed, however it should be done in a safe and controlled manner. Any such conduct will be assumed as intent to use the weapon and will result in a warning.

J. Photography

Photography is allowed to take place in convention spaces, however we ask that you be courteous of other attendees when photographing events as well as people. Please do not take photographs of attendees without prior consent and do not photograph anyone who asks you not to, doing so may be constituted as a form of harassment and treated per the Harassment Policy. Certain guests and groups may ask that you refrain from photographing them during panels and other events, if they ask you not to photograph them, please comply.

K. Substances

Please refrain from bringing alcohol in convention areas, most specifically open containers. Anyone doing so will be asked to take the substance to an appropriate area. Any illegal substances brought into the convention areas will see the offender’s badge revoked and the proper authorities notified.
Neo Anime Oasis holds a Zero Tolerance policy for the serving of alcohol or tobacco to minors in any form. Anyone caught doing so on convention grounds will have their badge revoked and be removed from the convention. If serving alcohol in room parties or private events, please ensure that anyone consuming alcohol is over the age of 21. Although we recognize people’s right to celebrate in their own fashion, we cannot condone any illegal activities taking place.

L. Non Compliance

All attendees of Neo Anime Oasis are expected to treat Neo Anime Oasis Staff Members with respect and in doing so comply with Staff and their requests. Any attendee who is continually non compliant with Neo Anime Oasis Staff may be given warnings or have their badge revoked. In contrast, any Neo Anime Oasis Staff Member who is abusing their authority or generally undermining attendees rights and privileges should be reported to the Neo Anime Oasis Chairman or Vice Chairman immediately. This can be done by contacting Neo Anime Oasis Security.

M. Health Hazards

Neo Anime Oasis firmly believes that extremely poor personal hygiene is a distraction for other attendees and a health hazard to others nearby. Neo Anime Oasis reserves the right to ask any attendee found in extremely poor personal hygiene to take corrective action immediately. In addition, showering is required prior to use of the hotel's swimming pool and/or hot tub.