Yukio Onishi is an illustrator, artist assistant, book layout designer and occasional art editor living in Chiba, Japan. Yukio wrote and illustrated Manga University’s “How to Draw Manga: The Female Figure” and “How to Draw Manga: Focus on Faces,” and was one of three artists who contributed to “How to Draw Manga: Basics and Beyond!” Yukio’s artwork is also featured in “Kana de Manga Special Edition: Shortcuts” and “Konnichiwa: Let’s Learn Japanese!” Follow Yukio on Instagram @oni_yu6.

Glenn Kardy is the founder of Manga University, one of the world's leading publishers of English-language lifestyle manga, including the acclaimed "How to Draw Manga" series, the award-winning "Manga Cookbook" collection, and the "Kanji de Manga" language-learning series. Glenn has lived in Japan since 1995, and has had the good fortune of working with professional comic artists and animators on both sides of the Pacific. Glenn and the rest of the Manga University varsity squad can be found on Twitter and Instagram @mangauniversity