Neo Anime Oasis Cosplay Contest

#1. Stage Area.
24'x 16' Stage Area. there is a 10 person limit for cosplays using the stage.
The stage will be lit up while the remaining area of the room will be dimmed.

#2. Introduction.
There are 2 options. entries can have a written introduction read by the MC or provide a prerecorded audio introduction at the time of sign ups.

#3. Performance Time Limit.
The time limit for your performance is *5 minutes*.
Your time will start immediately following your introduction.

#4. Cosplay Sign-ups.
Cosplay Sign-up will take place Saturday Morning and Early Afternoon.
To sign up, you will need:
Any skit music and/or video introduction you will need played.
A completed sign up form (available in the same area as sign ups)
Acceptable formats are mp3,mp4, wmv, avi, mkv or other standard formats. Files can also be on a CD/DVD/SD Card/USB Drive. We will not access the internet for any reason, please prepare your files in advance. Your files must be able to be transfered to our computer via normal means or it will not be accepted!

#5. Acceptable Costumes.
As Neo Anime Oasis is a convention dedicated to Japanese Animation costumes for the Cosplay Contest are required to meet the focus of the convention. The costumes must be from Japanese anime, manga, tokusatsu and video games, in which the original copyright holder is Japanese. Variations of acceptable characters that remain true to the concept such as genderswap versions or pokemon gijinka (human version of a non-human character) are acceptable
* Dojinshi and unique characters from live actor movies based on anime or manga are not permitted. (i.e. Dragonball Evolution etc.)

Also acceptable: Costumes from shows, games, etc that are NOT Japanese, but designed in the style of Japanese Animation. Examples: RWBY, Genshin Impact. Examples of unacceptable costumes under this rule: Avatar the Last Air Bender. For questions, ASK IN ADVANCE!!!

Original costumes are not acceptable.
If you have questions, you must contact us in advance, or you may prevented from entering. Exceptions can only be made by the convention chairman. Current exception(s): none

#6. 1 skit rule.
Each person may only be involved in 1 skit in any way.
No exceptions.

#7. Acceptable Content.
Content in every performance must be acceptable for everyone age 10 and up.

#8. Costume Skill Level Divisions.
Costumes will be judged for craftsmanship during the back stage time during the contest. There is no need to wear your costumers at an earlier point in the day for judging.
There are 2 different Skill Level Divisions for costume craftsmanship. Each participant may select their own skill level, even if someone in their group has selected a higher skill level division or if they don't meet the recommended guidelines for a higher skill level divison. Neo Anime Oasis reserves the right to move cosplayers to a higher skill level dvision, based on skill level and history. We would prefer, however, that participants honestly select the appropriate skill level division.

Expert Level: This level is intended for those who have significant costume building history and have won major awards at previous Neo Anime Oasis events or other anime conventions. To participate at this level, please prepare AT LEAST 2 reference pictures and a details written explanation of techniques used in the desing process and/or a photographic account of the dseign process.

Novice Level: This is for those who are new to cosplay and haven't much experience. At least 1 reference picture is recommended to participate at this level.
For those only interested in the craftsmanship competition: All entries are required to appear on stage during the competition. We will allow for "walk ons" that appear on stage without doing a skit. We will schedule all "walk-ons" during the first part of the conest. All awards will be presented after the completion of all skits.

#9. Attendees 12 years old and younger.
We welcome cosplayers of all ages into the Cosplay Challenge. We do ask that those attendees 12 and under have an adult present to help them complete the registration process.
A special award will also be presented to one of our younger attendees.

#10. Neo Anime Oasis badge is required to enter.
You must bring your Convention Badge with you when you sign up and when you take part in the contest.
Any attempt to enter a group containing someone without a valid badge type can result in disqualification.
An actual performance found to contain such person is instant disqualification and potential ban from future events.

Cosplay Contest Awards

Performance/Overall Awards:
Best in Show $500
2nd Place $300
3rd Place $100
Costume Awards:
Best Costume: Expert Division $300
2nd Place: Expert Division $200
3rd Place: Expert Division $100
Best Costume: Novice Division $60
2nd Place: Novice Division $40