The entire website is being updated this weekend (May 20/21), "events" and "more to do" links may be missing until completed.

Neo Anime Oasis is now accepting submissions for Attendee hosted panels events.
As in the past, there will be a $30 cash reimburse for each accepted and executed panel/event.
All panels/events must be revelant to Japanese animation, Japanese video games, Japanese culture, or similar related content that reflects the focus of a Japanese Animation Convention. Attendee Panel Submission Form

In the post Con-pocalyptic future...
The long journey through the void is finally over...
A New Name, For a New Era...
Neo Anime Oasis has arrived!
The Future is NAO!
A Limited Engagement Anime Convention.
A Return to a True Hotel Based Format
June Fri 24, Sat 25,Sun 26, 2022

Tickets on Sale Now! What is NAO?
Neo Anime Oasis (NAO) is the continuation of one of the oldest anime conventions in the US.
The first Anime Oasis took place April 4,5,6, 2002 and ran annually through Anime Oasis Dynamite in 2019
The advent of COVID-19 caused the cancellation of conventions in 2020 and 2021
A new name and style were given to the 2022 convention to represent a new beginning based in the traditions of years past.
Anime Oasis had experienced growth every year and we were always working to accomodate that growth.
However, it was quite difficult at times without abandoning certain aspects of the convention.
Thus after the shutdown, it has been decided that change would benefit the convention greatly.
NAO will not be forcused on growth. It is a product of the best aspect from the history of Anime Oasis.

What's new about NAO?
NAO will only use The Grove Hotel and Idaho Central Arena (new name).
NAO will not use the Boise Centre, as AO had been in the most recent years.
NAO will use the hotel ballroom for all events.
There will be limited attendance of 1300 total to accomodate the reduced space footprint.
NAO is only 3 day in length vs the 4 day length that AO had used since 2008.
Only 3 Day tickets will be sold, no 1 day tickets will ever be available for NAO.
Anime Oasis's new mascot for 2020, Jun, has received a new outfit design and style to reflect her growth and struggles over the past two years.

What's Not so Different about NAO?
Being the continuation of Anime Oasis; NAO retains may advances and expertise from the previous era.
That's to say, it's not a new convention with many lessons to learn. NAO is designed to run smoother and take the best of Anime Oasis for use in the new era.
Original events from Anime Oasis, such as Battle Cosplay, will continue on as part of NAO.
NAO is a Japanese Animation Convention. Designed for Japanese Animation and nothing else. It is an event focused on this specific medium.