Neo Anime Oasis:02 and last Neo Anime Oasis.

Neo Anime Oasis is a hotel based, limited engagement Japanese Animation Convention.

Neo Anime Oasis has a clear vision.

Neo Anime Oasis is intended to be the ideal convention for:

#1: Attendees who want a complete 3 Day weekend experience. Tickets sold for Neo Anime Oasis:02 MUST be picked up on Friday of the convention. Refunds will not be issued for anyone who fails to do so. 1 Day tickets are not offered. For those who wish to attend for 1 day only; Don't. It is a 3 Day convention for attendees wanting a complete 3 day weekend experience.

#2: Attendees who want to attend a convention for only Japanese Animation and directly related content, such as manga, Japanese video games, Japanese culture, Japanese music. It IS NOT a general pop culture convention. It's for anime people who want to do anime things.

#3: Attendees who understand that attendance is limited. Only 1300 tickets will be sold. This keep Neo Anime Oasis at a level of attendance that's been determined to be the best size of venue and event functionality. This isn't a random number, it is calculated using years of data and experience. We want those who attend to be able to do the things they want to do at the convention, while at the same time covering the cost of the convention. This also provides a more intimate experience.

We understand that you have the choice of 1000s of events nationwide each year. Make an informed decision. If you want a convention for only Japanese Animation and related content; Neo Anime Oasis may be a great choice for you. If you prefer something for a wider selection of genre and content; there are better options for that.