After 21 years, the legend of Anime Oasis has reached the end.

From the start of planning in 2001 to this final day (Sunday June 25, 2023), this has been a life defining adventure.
I've traded years of my life to provide Japanese Animation enterainment for Idaho and those who chose to travel to Idaho for it.

A relic of a past that we are quickly losing, Anime Oasis and recently Neo Anime Oasis have aimed for a convention that works for everyone who loves Japanese Animation.
Our cosplay contest provided cash prizes since the mid-00s to help cosplayers afford their craft.
We have tried to balance the number of dealers and artists to ensure that everyone can make some money while still providing for attendees.
We nearly eliminated registrations lines that had and still plague many conventions.

There are those who hate me from what I've done with conventions, but it the end... I drove the era of anime conventions in Idaho for 2 decades... The convention survived recessions, world events, COIVD, all the drama of a local scene.. Clearly, I've done enough and the things have done have been sufficent to get through it all. Whether people like it or not, the things that are needed aren't always the popular things. In the end, however, even I couldn't avoid the shift in capitialism, without having to make major changes to the convention... and, instead of running an event I'd hate, it's time to retire here.

I've spend literally more than 2 years working on and running conventions over the 21+ years since I started.
I've handled death threats, threats against my health, threats against my kids, and even a threat against someone else's underborn child... True story bro.
I've been physcially injured (my staff once thought I'd die), my financial stability has be ruined at least once, I've lost time I could have spend with my kids, and push myself past the mental breaking point countless times.
Most people will never understand the amount of work and hard times that I've seen... and that's just how it should be with a convention.

Would I change anything that's happened... No.