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Attendee Panel/Events now being accepted.
Guests have been added: English Voice Actors: Emi Lo, Chris Cason, Jim Foronda, Bill Butts. Musical Guest Kohei. Manga Instruction by Yukio Onishi from Manga University.

Neo Anime Oasis:02 is the last Neo Anime Oasis and the last convention in the Anime Oasis family of convention.

Since 2002, Anime Oasis has hosted hotel based conventions in Boise.

To celebrate the last 20+ years of convention history, we are excited to offer an art book featuring the art of Anime Oasis conventions by Jasmine Thomas.

In 2008, Anime Oasis set out of find an artist to provide artwork for the upcoming moving to the Grove Hotel in Downtown.
Jasmine was selected and we have commissioned well over 100 images from her. Her art was first features for Anime Oasis Saga in 2010. We have also commissioned 15th anniversary art from her featuring mascots from the first 8 years of Anime Oasis.

This art book also contains 19 brand new full color images of all the outfits of all the mascots from Anime Oasis, Neo Anime Oasis, Tomodachi Fest, and OTK Gaming Fest. Final Edition: The art of Anime Oasis featuring Jasmine Thomas.

(Working Cover Art.)